Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pathetic indon (Indonesian) part II

hahahahaha, pity Indonesian.. See pic below, shame on u dog.... they try to hacked our Malaysian webpage (Jusco Malaysia) and Jusco is a normal simple web without any transaction-based so its just like an advertising page. Now we revenge u pathetic indon!!!!

Berdosakah aku?

hari ni jumaat, lepas tu aku pon mencari la blog-blog orang lain mencari ilmu dari mereka yg mahir. Kemudian jumpa benda ni. Buat aku sedikit marah, rs nk ckp bodoh pon ada. Bnda ni kalo x baca betol-betol sebab korg sure akn just baca tajuk berita 2 je n leh mmecah belahkn sesama rakyat n mmbuatkn rmai orang semakin keliru dengan agama suci yg aku anuti ni. Tgk pic bwh ni aku amek dari korg pon leh teka dari mana...
ada ke brdosa doakn orang kafir?
Mmg la aku x abis skolah dlm bab agama-agama ni.
Tp cb pikir dlm situasi seorang anak yg masuk islam pas 2 dia doakn ibunya supaya sihat,
brdosakah itu?
Seorang kafir @ infidels bagi salam, kalo korg nk tau brdosa kalo korg x jwb salam 2
sbb dia dh doakn kita kebaikan, kenapa kita nk doakn jahat or x smbut kebaikan yang dia ikhlas beri kt kita kn?
Saladdin sndiri pon jawab salam dari 'Raynald of Ch√Ętillon' crusader dari Perancis yang kalah masa Saladdin baru dapat tawan Jerussalem. Nabi pon jawab salam dari yahudi n nasrani malah doakan dorg kebaikan kenapa kita x leh wt?

Yang berdosa kalo kita doakn kebaikan dorg dalam kuthbah Jumaat je....
So mari la kita sama2 mendoakan dan memberi salam antara kita x kira bangsa atau agama sebab makna Assalamualaikum 2 sndiri kan "salam sejahtera kepada @ keatas kamu" so x salah kalo kita ucapkan n doakan kebahagiaan semua manusia kt muka bumi ni kan.
xkn kita nk jadi yahudi lak nk saling hapuskan orang lain....
Kalo ada yang marah, xpaham or pape leh la komen je, kalo aku pasan ada komen aku reply la
Wallahualam, yang baik itu dari Allah yang buruk 2 dari saya yang lemah ini...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Great nation has great leader

Many people dont ever realized that our former Prime Minister Dr Tun Mahadhir is the greatest person that pull the trigger and create awareness among Muslin country in the world about Jews conspiracies, fraud and crime. Example, he gave speech in OIC and give the impression that the Jew is toying with Islamic country. He also speak about how Jews play and penetrate in Islamic countries and control them by giving debts that forever cannot being paid. Close example is Indonesian government where they borrow money and until now all and every action by Indonesian government is controlled by their lenders.

Below is video by Sheikh Imran Nazar Hosein that talk about Dr Mathadhir

This is video from OIC 2003 and he talked about Jews

Bishop Richard Williamson said about holocaust

You can click on below link to see statistics about israel and Palestine

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kill the Jews, save the world

See some video from Youtube about Jews

here some more also from Youtube on how Jews proud because they killed Jesus

this is only a quotation from article titled:

Kill the Jews, Save the World

By Stuart Schwartz  October 09, 2009

this is 100% unedited article and as he wrote: 

Iran closes in on nuclear weaponry, five million Jews in Israel edge toward Armageddon, and Barack Obama is doing very well, thank you.

When it comes to the Jews, he is Alfred E. Neuman happy, imitating the Mad Magazine icon whose solution to the problems of life is summarized in the catchphrase "What, me worry?" Iran has the bomb -- what, me worry?

The key to understanding an administration which talks -- and only talks -- while Iranian atomic weapons are developed is, as Obama mentor Rev. Jeremiah Wright puts it, "them Jews."  "Them Jews" packed into a nation the size of Maryland are, in the end, just Jews, oppressors by definition in the lexicon of the intellectual, elite left of this president.

No, Barack Obama is not worried. The face smiling at him from the other side of the mirror, a view that thrills him every bit as much as it does his media admirers, knows that Jews are a useful lot. Soaking up blame like a sponge, they provide a handy excuse for the growing list of domestic and foreign policy debacles of America's first radical president who, according to Politico, is "failing miserably." For Obama, Jews are a cornucopia, a kosher horn of plenty offering endless excuses for failures great and small.

Already, a third of the Democratic Party he leads blames the Jews for the current financial crisis, according to a recent Stanford University study.  And too many Jewish doctors is one of the reasons that health care is in crisis in urban areas, says the president's White House and congressional teams, who have inserted into pending health care legislation quotas that will, in effect, exclude most Jewish applicants -- who are not a preferred "race and ethnicity" -- from medical education.  

What, me worry... about escalating tension in the Middle East? Not when I can blame Israel and the Jews.

Yes, the psychopath leading Iran has repeatedly said he will "clean these sources of corruption (Jews) from the face of the earth." A bit aggressive. But, hey, "all nations have the right to peaceful nuclear energy," Obama proclaimed, inviting the world's largest sponsor of terrorism to reassure him that  facilities devoted to nuclear weapons development will be used for peaceful purposes -- like powering the cattle prods its police use during interrogations of Iranian citizens.

Obama, whose Middle East team shares Jimmy Carter's love of all things Jewish, is the first American president to give credibility to a time-honored strategy of despots and thugs: Kill the Jews, save the world.

And so Iran, unimpeded, readies its assault against what it calls "this filthy bacteria," "the most detested people in all humanity."  In response, Obama -- as one conservative commentator noted -- boldly proclaims "a new meekness." When all is said and done, Barack Obama is channeling his inner Dr. Strangelove, the crazed character who rode a nuclear bomb to oblivion in Dr.Strangelove or:  How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

Iran goes nuclear -- no problem. The leftist intellectuals who populate the White House reflexively look for a "root cause," the underlying reason for a situation. And that root cause is inevitably freedom, racism or, as one Democrat legislator put the reason for an election loss, "Jews...J-E-W-S!"

Time to "stop worrying and love the bomb" when the root cause of Middle East violence is Israel, which is peopled by Jews who have violated the Allah-given right of Palestinians and assorted Islamists to lob explosives at Jewish women and children. Ed Lasky has noted that anti-Semitism has found a home in the Democratic Party. And the head of that party has given it a home in the White House.

What, me worry? Having been told almost a year ago about the frenzied pace of Iran's nuclear weaponry program, Obama said nothing while committing the United States to an aggressively anti-Semitic United Nations, which Forbes magazine described as the center of an "anti-Semitic web now being rewoven around the globe."  And now a UN official has declared the nuclear weapons of Israel, and not Iran, to be the "number one threat to Middle East" peace.

Again, them Jews. Yes, Israel may be a prosperous democracy that leads the Middle East and much of the world in living standards and political freedom, enjoyed also by its Arab citizens. But it is a Jewish state and, as such, the root cause of the misery of the Palestinian people -- never mind that Palestinian leadership is among the most corrupt in the world.  Deceased radical left rock star Yasser Arafat, for example, stole close to $4 billion from foreign aid while more than three-quarters of his people lived in numbing poverty.

Forget the facts. We're talking radical worldview, with the Iranian president merely the latest in a long line of Obama consorts who, as rabid anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, put it, regard the Jew as a "leech" who "sucks your blood." 

Nation of Islam head Farrakhan was honored as a leader who "epitomized greatness" by the church where Obama sat for more than twenty years listening to its pastor spout race hatred. Van Jones, the advisor enthusiastically recruited and embraced by the White House until Internet news and commentary sites, talk radio and Fox News combined to force his resignation, said Israeli Jews have out-Hitlered Hitler, engaging in "the worst racial practices of the past century."

In similar fashion, he has surrounded himself with anti-Semitic despots on the international scene.  He has, for example, cultivated a friendship with Venezuela thug Hugo Chavez, who has vowed to eliminate the Jews "who have taken possession of all of the wealth in the world" and is cozying up to Fidel Castro, who is particularly fond of "hook nosed caricatures" in his war against the "Jewish Zionist conspiracy."  

And so Barack Obama accepts Iran's nuclear program, knowing full well, as James Lewis of American Thinker points out, the Jewish state "is bound and determined to defend herself." At which point, faster than you can say "Auschwitz-Birkenau," an Iran problem morphs into a Jewish problem.

But Obama certainly knows what to do about that. As his spiritual mentors, from Rev. Wright to the Catholic sociopath Father Michael Pfleger, have advised, as his political associates -- from  Carter acolyte Zbigniew Brzezinski to UN ambassador Susan Rice -- have counseled, the best chance for world peace rests in an old remedy... let the Jews be killed.

What, me worry...when the worst case scenario is the Jewish state nuked out of existence?  Sure, gone are world-class medical, technology and agricultural sectors. However, so too are air conditioners, coal-gulping factories, farms that inhale water, and households with multiple, gas-guzzling automobiles...the largest carbon footprint in the Middle East -- all because "them Jews" have defied the natural order of neighboring Arab states, also known as grinding poverty.

What, me worry? No Israel, then no oppression of people and environment. Barack Obama is doing very well, thank you, and perhaps thinking that American taxpayers could finance a sign for his brave new world of the Middle East: "This Wasteland Maintained by the Islamic Republic of Iran."

Kill the Jews, save the world.

Stuart H. Schwartz is on the faculty at Liberty University in Virginia.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

untitle yet

Ok la, dsbbkan aku ni sik bengang ngn sifat x sedar diri mamat2 indon kt Malaysia ni, so aku pon amek kputusan la nk cari idea baru nk tulis blog ni. Maka dengan ini aku pon menulis la ceritera keadaan dalam bilik aku ni. kalo korg nk baca silakan kalo x mo xpyh baca.

Bilik aku ni agk pns la suasana dia dalam 3minggu ni sbb Malaysia dlanda kemarau. so tiap2 malam awek aku akn marah sbb aku mandi kul 4 pagi. gle ko x mandi, xleh tdo aku pns. dh la aku semakin tembam so lemak2 aku 2 menghalang pengaliran udara dlm badan aku. maka nk djadikan ceritera, aku pon xg semayang jumaat hari ni sbb smlm x leh tdo pns sgt bgn2 kul 2. hehehehe.... meh la kita bandingkn aku dl2 time part 4 ngn skg ni slps setahun.

Part 4 2009

N skg awl bulan 10 hari 2
Serius gemok la kalo korg pasan ke pic ni cm x nmpk gemok or aku semakin kurus?

Kn aku dh ckp xde idea, tp aku nk tulis gk. Last 2 days aku duk ber-3 pas 2 mamat setan kecik 2 pindah bilik sbelah so jd la aku brdua. nk tgk muka mamat 2? Dia ni harap je ank ustaz + tok kadi, tp perangai dia mmg sejibik mcm setan. Nama dia nett .. Last 2 week dia jd prom king la tp dia pnya cite smpai hari ni kemain dia bangga jd king. Cm jahanam.. Kitorg pgl dia ni korea sbb hari2 dia buat drama korea nangis2 ngn awek dia... Hamapeh skali lg

Nk aku cite psl kwn aku sorg lg x yg duk dlm bilik ni?
Haaaa, kang kalo aku cite kang banyak lak.. So x pyh la or lenkali la aku edit ke post ni kn...

kasihan kamu indon

sibuk negeri orang negeri sndiri trgadai....
2 la kata2 yang paling sesuai untuk korg ni
kelakar betol
kesian aku tgk
panas dengan claim dorg yg x abis2 contohnye:

1. Batik dari Jawa diklaim oleh Adidas
2. Naskah Kuno dari Riau diklaim oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
3. Naskah Kuno dari Sumatera Barat diklaim oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
4. Naskah Kuno dari Sulawesi Selatan diklaim oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
5. Naskah Kuno dari Sulawesi Tenggara diklaim oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
6. Rendang dari Sumatera Barat diklaim oleh Oknum WN Malaysia
7. Sambal Bajak dari Jawa Tengah diklaim oleh Oknum WN Belanda
8. Sambal Petai dari Riau oleh diklaim Oknum WN Belanda
9. Sambal Nanas dari Riau diklaim oleh Oknum WN Belanda
10. Tempe dari Jawa oleh Beberapa Perusahaan Asing
11. Lagu Rasa Sayang Sayange dari Maluku oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
12. Tari Reog Ponorogo dari Jawa Timur oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
13. Lagu Soleram dari Riau oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
14. Lagu Injit-injit Semut dari Jambi oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
15. Alat Musik Gamelan dari Jawa oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
16. Tari Kuda Lumping dari Jawa Timur oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
17. Tari Piring dari Sumatera Barat oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
18. Lagu Kakak Tua dari Maluku oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
19. Lagu Anak Kambing Saya dari Nusa Tenggara oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
20. Kursi Taman Dengan Ornamen Ukir Khas Jepara dari Jawa Tengah oleh Oknum WN Perancis
21. Pigura Dengan Ornamen Ukir Khas Jepara dari Jawa Tengah oleh Oknum WN Inggris
22. Motif Batik Parang dari Yogyakarta oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
23. Desain Kerajinan Perak Desak Suwarti dari Bali oleh Oknum WN Amerika
24. Produk Berbahan Rempah-rempah dan Tanaman Obat Asli Indonesia oleh Shiseido Co Ltd
25. Badik Tumbuk Lada oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
26. Kopi Gayo dari Aceh oleh perusahaan multinasional (MNC) Belanda
27. Kopi Toraja dari Sulawesi Selatan oleh perusahaan Jepang
28. Musik Indang Sungai Garinggiang dari Sumatera Barat oleh Malaysia
29. Kain Ulos oleh Malaysia
30. Alat Musik Angklung oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
31. Lagu Jali-Jali oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
32. Tari Pendet dari Bali oleh Pemerintah Malaysia

Bangsa serumpun atau dikenal dengan Malaysia setidaknya mengklaim 21 artefak budaya Indonesia, dan yang terkini adalah tari Pendet dari Bali.
1. Naskah Kuno dari Riau oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
2. Naskah Kuno dari Sumatera Barat oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
3. Naskah Kuno dari Sulawesi Selatan oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
4. Naskah Kuno dari Sulawesi Tenggara oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
5. Rendang dari Sumatera Barat oleh Oknum WN Malaysia
6. Lagu Rasa Sayang Sayange dari Maluku oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
7. Tari Reog Ponorogo dari Jawa Timur oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
8. Lagu Soleram dari Riau oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
9. Lagu Injit-injit Semut dari Jambi oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
10. Alat Musik Gamelan dari Jawa oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
11. Tari Kuda Lumping dari Jawa Timur oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
12. Tari Piring dari Sumatera Barat oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
13. Lagu Kakak Tua dari Maluku oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
14. Lagu Anak Kambing Saya dari Nusa Tenggara oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
15. Motif Batik Parang dari Yogyakarta oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
16. Badik Tumbuk Lada oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
17. Musik Indang Sungai Garinggiang dari Sumatera Barat oleh Malaysia
18. Kain Ulos oleh Malaysia
19. Alat Musik Angklung oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
20. Lagu Jali-Jali oleh Pemerintah Malaysia
21. Tari Pendet dari Bali oleh Pemerintah Malaysia

korang x rasa benda ni kelakar ke?
dh nama pon serumpun
2 la
x abis2 nk berlagak, berjudi, dadah
pas 2 claim macam2
sampai negeri tergadai pon dorg xsedar

ni sorang mamat facebook dr indon sndiri ckp:

Donny Dhanardono (facebook, kalo x caya korg leh taip nama dia) Indonesia sedang dilanda bencana, baik dari sisi alam, finansial maupun politik nya. Senyum salah satu cara untuk menutupi luka itu, senyum kepura - puraan untuk menyongsong masa yang lebih baik

kesian aku tgk korg ni
padahal sedar je rakyat sume dh miskin
sbb 2 la nk perang je
org tua2 ckp jgn lyn org bodoh
nnt kita pon ikut jd bodoh
so kita bia je la dorg menyalak
kalo anjing lapar kita bia je
nnt lama2 mampos gk

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pathetic indon (Indonesian)

Jusco website been hacked by Indon hacker, they are proud of that. what they didn't know is Jusco website very fragile and unsecured website that 5 years old boy can hack. Funny to raising story like they defeated Roman Empire. pathetic people done pathetic action. To make thing more excited, actually they only hacked the website not the system.

Philippines have done better by hacking the whole world with ILOVEU virus.

More information click on this link, make sure you close the application using task manager and end process of your browser. Dont click on 'OK' tab